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Sri Guru Amar Das Hospital envisioned by The Baba Jaswant Singh Trust is a 500-bedded Hospital project located in the heart of a well planned and developed Urban Estate on the Ludhiana – Chandigarh Highway at Ludhiana.

The Hospital is an extension of the selfless service which the Trust has relentlessly been rendering to the suffering humanity for over two decades, by providing medicare and Guru Ka Langar (free community Kitchen), its innate desire being to bring the best available medical services of international class to the people in the region.


The Mission

Ludhiana is the industrial capital and geographic centre of Punjab. Though the state of Punjab is the granary of India, sufficient health care facilities do not exist for the people of the State especially for the poor and the needy. This is the void the Trust seeks to bridge in the service of mankind and the everlasting glory of the great Guru.


Pursuit for Excellence

Sri Guru Amar Das Hospital shall be a unique super specialty hospital with international standard diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation facilities, ultra-modern equipment, manned by a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals.

Beautifully designed by a panel of world class architects, eco-friendly and pollution free, the hospital will provide a thoroughly professional staff at all levels for treatment, nursing care and attention extended with compassion and devotion.

While the super-specialty cardiac surgery department will provide Cardio-thoracic and reconstructive surgery, the other main departments viz., Ophthalmology, Neurology, Paediatrics, Gynaecology etc. will provide the latest medical equipment including diagnostic and monitoring systems.

Out standing merit and quality norms will guide the selection of medical and para-medical staff. The medical personnel shall be kept updated through appropriate refresher courses/training so that the hospital continues to be a model institute of excellence health care delivery systems.


Super Specialty Services


Heart Centre

1. Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery
2. Interventional Cardiology
3. Non-invasive Cardiology

Neurosciences Centre

1. Neurology
2. Neurophysiology
3. Neurosurgery
4. Nephrology





Laboratory Science

1. Biochemistry
2. Clinical Pathology
3. Histopathology
4. Hematology
5. Microbiology
6. Immunology & Molecular Biology



Critical Care




Dietetics and Nutrition




Emergency and Trauma Centre






Gynaecology & Obstetrics


Interventional Radiology


Surgical Science Centre

1. Dental Surgery
2. Cardiothoracic Surgery
3. Neurosurgery
4. Vascular Surgery
5. Joint Surgery
6. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
7. General Surgery

Centre for Advanced Pediatrics

1. Neonatology
2. Neonatal Surgery
3. Pediatric Gastroenterology
4. Pediatric Urology
5. Pediatric Surgery
6. Pediatric Orthopaedics

Adolescent Medicine


Palliative Medicine


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


Psychiatry and Psychology



Interventional Radiology
Respiratory & Sleep Medicine
Transfusion Medicine
Urology & Andrology
The Neurorehabilitation Unit

The Vision

1. Much Needed Super-Specialty 300-Bedded Hospital, first of its kind in the region, with world class diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation facilities, ultra-modern equipment and experienced professional specialists
2. An advanced institute for training of para-medical and nursing staff.
3. Environment Friendly Material and Operational Technologies
4. Mobile Unit with Ambulance and Vans for prompt health-care delivery and transfer to hospital from remote areas.
5. Medical services for the needy and deserving.
6. Sarai (dormitory) and Langer (community kitchen) for the relatives of patients
7. Air Ambulance for immediate evacuation and treatment in the Second Phase.
8. Feel good, Heal Good – Lush Green Surroundings
9. Opportunities of employment in the region.

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